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        Shanghai Jineng Chemical engineering Company Limited is established in November 2002 and sited in Shanghai Caojing chemical industrial district officially. The main business scope of our company includes the exploitation and popularization of the oil refining and petrochemical assistant, high-strength engineering resin, fuel energy-saving and environment-protecting additive, special fine chemical product. Our company invites the experts and professors who have been engaged in studying the petrochemical assistant for long time to instruct the scientific research and production.

      Since the establishment of our company, many kinds of products have been brought to the market. In the petroleum refining and petrochemical industrial area, series products of the JN produced by our company can improve the performance of petrochemical device, such as, the safety, steady and long-period running. Aiming at the requirement of government to environment protection and energy saving, the nano-phase fuel additives produced by our company can obviously save the energy, decrease the waste gas emission, and owns the good social and economic benefit. In the industrial and civil architecture areas, series products of Weldcoes Epoxy Grouts high-strength engineering resin produced by our company own the merits which the ordinary resin and cement products can not have. They can widely be applied to project rescuing, building and structure reinforcing, the special acid-resisting, alkali-proof and corrosion oil resistant project. They own the predominantly quick, strong and touch characteristic. In addition, our company also supplies Shanghai high-tech, high dispersive, no-gelatum-series products of Hydrated silica, selling the series products of Hydrated silica to the domestic and international markets.

      "Honesty and credit is fundamentality; quality is primacy" is the operation principle of our company. Our company insists on quality policy of "today's quality, tomorrow's market, consumer's needs, our target", emphasizes the full develop of the company, with the advanced technique and reliable credit, would like cooperate with all friends from various areas, and serve for domestic and over-sea clients zealously.
      ISO9001(Latest) Quality management
      system certification
      (in Chinese)
      Quality management
      system certification
      BaoNeng Trademark
      Jineng Trademark
      Jineng Trademark
      "Second Five" period first group of national key waterway transportation promotion highway energy-saving product (technology) published certificate Energy-saving of automobile
      and ship(Technology)
      Announcement cards2007-2009
      Energy-saving of automobile
      and ship(Technology)
      Announcement cards2009-2011
      China Energy Focus on new
      technologies and products
      The national transportation
      energy saving
      Sanxin achievement certificate
      Bronze medal Of High technology
      Certificate of National Invention
      Exhibition Award
      China Energy Focus on new
      technologies and products
      Transportation Management
      Association unit
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